Is Facebook appropriate for IBM?

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IBM apparently, depending on how you measure it, has fewer product pages on Facebook or any other social media than its main competitors. Facebook has always been for the consumer market but that doesn’t mean it always should be. It needs to evolve. Many companies ban their employs from using it because it is not currently for business. When it becomes for business they will allow it. I think the Facebook verb “Like” is badly named. It means you want their updates to appear in your newsfeed and consequently in your friends’ feeds. Your friends can exclude it from their newsfeed but it’s a pain. Facebook may be for individuals but individuals work for companies. Coronation Street (as a random and possibly incorrect example) is for individuals but IBM still advertise in its commercial breaks. Facebook may be for cool young kids but these kids are gradually moving into the workplace and bringing their tools with them. Some Facebook info can show up in a google search, a lot of people object to that but it’s all configurable. So, Facebook is currently not the best tool for the job but it’s one of them. It will be a shame if a big corporation like Google can just come along and displace them by taking their ideas, they need to respond to the competition and evolve.

3 thoughts on “Is Facebook appropriate for IBM?

  1. The interesting thing about IBM is that it has the highest number of ‘followers’ on linkedin for any company.

  2. I can see your point, but there are other, less obvious factors to consider. For instance, from a pure organic search standpoint having content on Wikipedia, Facebook and Google+ can actually increase ranking. And although the young kids like Facebook, I think at one point the fastest growing demographic were women like me who like to share pictures and stay up to date with friends and family. From a work perspective, Facebook has allowed me to get to know my work “friends” in ways that aren’t possible in a work environment where most of us work from home and in different parts of the country and world. I do “like” business pages and I do scan the information that comes across my news feed from them. If it get’s annoying, I just unsubscribe. So, I think it comes down to the fact that we are all unique and we like to get our information in different ways. For a company to say that any of the very popular channels are not important is just simply a risk of missing that potential audience. This is just my personal viewpoint.

    • Thanks for your comments Tina. I think we’re agreeing. I need to rewrite my post. It’s basically a response to something someone else wrote where they said that Facebook is not appropriate for business. My post is disagreeing with that, but I need to add that context.

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